Kylin Precision Tools Bag RC Helicopter/Multirotor Screwdriver

  • Model: KL-2212001
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Kylin tools line is the first high end tools from KDS with the following features:
Tool tips made from Japanese SKH51 grade high speed tool steel that hardly breaks.
High quality one step CNC machined super light weight hollow handle.
Professionally titanium coated tool tips for longer lasting.
Unique patterned 22mm diameter end-turning handle for superior grip and comfortable handling.
Pattern pending tool tip manufacturing technique and craftsmanship.
This item includes 18 tools pieces inside:
1. Hex screw driver 1.5mm
2. Hex screw driver 2.0mm
3. Hex screw driver 2.5mm
4. Hex screw driver 3.0mm
5. Hex screw driver 4.0mm
6. Philips Screw Driver
7. Flat Screw Driver
8. Nut driver 5.5mm
9. Nut driver 7.0mm
10. Ball Reamer 4.7mm
11. Ball Reamer 5.0mm
12. Hex screw driver head 1.5mm
13. Hex screw driver head 2.0mm
14. Reamer 0-16mm
15. T type screw driver 4.0mm
16. T type screw driver 5.0 mm
17. Cross nut driver ( 3Pcs H4-5,H5.5-6,H7-8)
18.High quality portable bag for all tools