Servo Mount Metal Spacers for KDS Agile 7.2 Helicopter Parts

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Agile 7.2 was designed to offer something different; not just an improvement but a head start over what is commonly done. Agile 7.2 was created to fit each type of flight: Low to high speed, soft to hard 3D maneuvers those not yet imagined!
Clever solutions were used to provide top-notch performance with very responsive controls, thus giving a feeling of incredible strength outstanding smoothness of motion.
To make sure that nothing is left to chance, to bring you the best overall design around, hundreds of test flights were performed by top international pilots.
Whatever story it is, the following sums it up: Agile is for Agility!
Enjoy your Agile 7.2, you can’t go wrong!
Product Specifications:
Color: gray, red, black

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